Our Team

Erin DiCarlo
| President

Since 2005, I have dedicated my career to helping older adults and their families find the best care options, supportive living communities, and resources. During that time, many of my clients found the process of transitioning from home to be extremely overwhelming. Many factors played into this, such as numerous professionals had to be hired, managed and paid individually making the process segmented, at best.

I knew there had to be a better way so in 2017 I created Dovetail to streamline the process, reduce the stress involved, and allow my clients to focus on the emotional aspects of the move while my team and I handled the logistics.

I am a Certified Senior Advisor®, Certified Dementia Practitioner®, Senior Real Estate Specialist®, and Seller Representative Specialist®.

Lauren Watts
Vice President | Director of Operations

I began my career analyzing client recruitment marketing challenges and developing national and targeted media plans. I honed my skills and grew my understanding of overall business strategies when I joined a global online recruitment advertiser where I worked with companies to build their brand, market their products and procure the right talent.

While I enjoyed many aspects of my career, I felt there was something missing. A chance encounter with a former colleague led me to a role in professional outreach at an assisted living community just outside of Boston. It was there where I found the missing piece, the fulfillment I received from helping older adults make educated decisions on their next chapter. I then went on to become a Senior Living Advisor where I supported clients and their families with the many aspects of their future planning. I too noticed the challenges that many faced when transitioning from their long-time home and taking an incredible step toward their future and thrive.

As the Vice President and Director of Operations at Dovetail, I am dedicated to supporting seniors and their families through the process of finding the best care options, supportive living communities, and resources to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

I am a Certified Senior Advisor®, Certified Dementia Practitioner®, Senior Real Estate Specialist®, and Seller Representative Specialist®.

Sara Presti
Senior Real Estate Specialist

As a woman of faith, a mother of two and a former hospitality manager, Sara was looking to be in a career where she could truly help people and make a difference in their lives.

Last year was a very difficult time for the Presti family both emotionally and physically. Sara watched her mother and her siblings try to support her grandfather’s wishes to stay home with his wife as his care needs increased. The first person Sara thought to reach out to for help was her lifelong friend, Erin Dicarlo, who has dedicated her entire career to helping elders and their families during crisis and transition. She was able to guide and direct the Presti family to many resources during this overwhelming process.

Shortly after, Erin presented with Sara with the opportunity to join Dovetail Real Estate Group.

Sara holds a Massachusetts Real Estate License, am a licensed REALTOR, and recently became a Certified Senior Real Estate Specialist.

(617) 227-1600 ext. 6

Susan Weinstein
Senior Real Estate Specialist

Susan has worked for years as an MSW, Licensed Social Worker and recently as a CMC, Certified Care Manager, helping seniors transition between home settings. Her expertise and passion for supporting seniors and their families during transition lends perfectly to her role as Senior Real Estate Specialist at Dovetail Companies.

For over 10 years, Susan has worked together with many families and professionals buying, selling and downsizing. As an SRES, Susan truly understands the financial and emotional challenges that senior clients face when they sell a long-held family home.

She looks forward to hearing from you, getting to know your unique needs and providing unparalleled service in your time of transition.

(617) 227-1600 ext. 702

Heidi Mahoney
Senior Real Estate Specialist

Heidi first became a realtor in 2002 and then she transitioned to working in the senior living industry from 2006 – 2010. She felt as if the experience of being part of an assisted living community and working with the seniors and their families really changed her.

The passion to help seniors has remained with Heidi, and now, with her SRES (Senior Real Estate Specialist designation), she further understands what the senior and his or her loved ones are going through, emotionally and financially. As an adult child of ill aging parents, Heidi too went this. She understands the benefits of an independent/assisted living/skilled nursing community can provide.

Heidi believes that you need a Realtor who is strong in negotiating, who is knowledgeable, who understands what the senior is going through and who can be empathetic and dedicated to you each step of the way! If you are selling your home, you are selling what likely is the largest asset you or your parent will ever have. You need a Realtor who has resources, who will get you the best price for your home, who will take your financial goals and next move into consideration, and who will put your needs above all else.

Heidi is proud to be called a Realtor and to have built a reputation of being knowledgeable, passionate, responsive, genuine, and having a sense of humor along the way.

(617) 227-1600 ext. 3