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Change Can Be Difficult. Rightsizing Won’t Be.


Whether a transition is next week, years away or you’re simply choosing to enjoy a rightsized home, it is never too early to start. There are many opinions on how to go about the process. Some say start with the big things, others say start with your clothes, the basement as the first place to start is the right approach of others. At Dovetail, we say to take things in “manageable bites”. It allows for progress, reduces anxiety, and makes the process less daunting. Additionally, the process can be emotional. You are looking at things that conjure up memories that can stop you in your tracks; we don’t want to do that. You will want to see progress and feel good about it! So, start small with items with which you have no emotional attachment and keep only the items that you need to maintain your current lifestyle.

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Change Can Be Difficult. Moving Won’t Be. It’s The Dovetail Way!


Whether you are moving, relocating, selling, buying or managing an estate, Dovetail Companies and our family members are here to help guide you from the very early stages of planning a move to getting you settled in your new home. Our team of experts are here to meet you where you’re at, wherever you are.

As part of our commitment to empowering you during this move, we are excited to share our “MOVING GUIDE” with you. Follow our easy color-coded sticker system to help keep you on track, make decisions, focus on your future and progress with ease. If at anytime it becomes too overwhelming or you don’t want to manage the logistics on your own, we are here to help! We’ve also included some important reminders and planning tips.

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“The best decision is an informed decision.”


The COVID-19 pandemic has left many, if not all of us, wondering what the future will hold. Some are left sitting and waiting for news to shift into a more positive light; others left stuck or confused about making the decision to move to a senior living community during these uncertain times.  If you find yourself in this position, know you are not alone! Many older adults and their families are unsure about what the best course of action is – emotions are running wild, we can’t predict what the next few months will bring, and the effects of the pandemic (socially, emotionally and physically) are rising to new heights. We are here to share the experiences and stories of our clients who have moved during this pandemic. They are living fulfilling and engaging lives at many senior living communities.

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Living Through a Listing

“After the rain, the sun will appear. Meanwhile, let’s dance in the rain.”
– Smit Vyas

At Dovetail Companies, our goal is to empower older adults and the professionals who serve them, to ensure all are living their best life.

In times of uncertainty, it is important we find clarity. Many professionals take on tasks that may take them off course. This webinar and/or presentation outlines the simple steps all professionals can implement to help drive their business forward and ensure their client’s needs are being met.

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Click to download the Identify.Align.Execute – Self Assessment
Click to download the Identify.Align.Execute – Appreciative Inquiry Tool
Click to download the Identify.Align.Execute – Tribe Vibe Assessment
Click to download the Identify.Align.Execute – Tribe Member Interview Tool

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“You don’t have to have it all figured out to move forward… just take the next step.”

If you or a loved one were considering a move, or made the decision to move, from the long-time home to community before the pandemic hit – and now are feeling stagnant or overwhelmed about moving forward, “Moving Forward While Staying at Home” is for you! Dovetail Companies brings light to these unprecedented times and provides you with some steps you can take now to progress toward your goal.

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Living Through a Listing

For the Professionals and Communities: This webinar is a great offering for your prospective residents or wait list. Together, let’s provide the resources needed to make progress today for a brighter tomorrow!

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A little progress each day adds up to BIG results
A Positive Psychology approach to moving forward

We know that people are feeling really overwhelmed during these uncertain times — and that is okay! Our positive approach to making some simple shifts in your day will help you focus on the moments you want to celebrate and move forward. You don’t have to have it all figured out! Dovetail Companies is here to help you take it in manageable bites and move from a place of being stagnant to empowerment.

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For older adults looking to move from stagnation to empowerment.

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“You can’t pour from an empty cup. You need to take care of yourself first.”


The realities of burnout are staggering, and it is not easy to admit or see it within ourselves when we are in the trenches. Learn the signs along with tips on how to manage your stress, effectively delegate tasks where possible and fill your own bucket to ensure balance in your caregiving relationship. *Worksheets provided

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