The Dovetail team brings together the finest industry professionals, dedicated to guiding you every step of the way. Our team, including Project Managers, Transition Coordinators, Move Assistants, and Realtors®, is united in offering you unparalleled support and expertise. With the entire Dovetail family behind you, we're prepared to help you navigate this journey, together. Experience the Dovetail difference!


Erin DiCarlo
Founder | President

Erin DiCarlo founded Dovetail Companies in 2017 with a mission to help older adults make an overwhelming process, a more seamless one. 

Some of her fondest childhood memories revolve around spending time with her grandparents, Nanny, and Da. It’s not that they were your stereotypical Hallmark grandparents, to the contrary. Da was a WWII veteran and he carried the scars physically and emotionally of veterans of that era. Nanny was kind, compassionate, and a dutiful wife and mother. What they did have and lived was a solid sense of family and the priority it takes over all else. 

Together, they brought solace and peace. They helped to anchor and guide Erin, which would unwittingly launch her into her career.

Lauren Watts
Co-Owner | Vice President

Lauren Watts joined Erin as Co-Owner and Vice President in April 2018. Erin and Lauren share the same vision; to positively shift the way we view and support aging in America. 

Together they are building a community of experts to support older adults, and their families, during the planning and execution phases of a major life transition. Their approach is simple, individualized, and incredibly unique.

Lauren started her career in senior living working for a large New England-based provider, where she worked closely with residents moving from their home to community. Having worked with hundreds of older adults and witnessing the oftentimes overwhelming process, Lauren is committed to ensuring our clients have a positive experience and seamless transition. 

Joe Scott
Director of Move Management

After transitioning his mother into assisted living, Joe retired early from finance to focus on helping others navigate significant life changes. With over 30 years in financial services at Putnam Investments, State Street Corporation, and SS&C Technologies, and move management experience from WayForth and Home Transition Resource, Joe offers a holistic approach to transitioning. Certified as a Senior/Specialty Move Manager (SMM-C), he treats every client’s move with personalized, empathetic care, emphasizing his Boston north shore roots.

Clare Wishart
Assistant Director, Move Management

Originally from the United Kingdom, Clare joined Dovetail Companies as a Project Manager with extensive service industry and people management experience. Before starting a family, she held a managerial position at Safeway. Clare's passion for assisting seniors blossomed during her time at Generations on the Move in central Massachusetts. Outside work, she enjoys hiking, biking, cooking, knitting, sewing, and entertaining family and friends.

Juli Ford
Director of Home Sales & Community Liaison

A lifelong South Shore resident, she spent her childhood in Quincy and summers in Plymouth, which ignited her passion for homes and the family stories they foster. Juli understands the challenges of sorting through memories firsthand. As a Certified Senior Advisor® and REALTOR®, she supports clients practically and emotionally. With over 20 years in nonprofit housing, Juli brings extensive expertise to Dovetail. She resides in Pembroke, MA, with her husband, Rod, their two college students, their whippet, Louie, and Juli’s mom, Jane.

Katie Shinnick
Finance Director 

Katie Shinnick joins Dovetail through a community connection, driven by a passion for aiding people and optimizing operations. Leveraging her administrative and banking expertise, she supports businesses and furthers Dovetail's mission. In her free time, Katie enjoys spending time with her family and trying new recipes. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Quinnipiac University.

Susan Ros
Training and Development Manager

Susan Ros has 11 years experience in senior move management, pivotal in a company's growth from startup to acquisition. While she enjoys client interaction, her true passion lies in supporting coworkers through training and special projects, ensuring organizational success. Outside work, Susan volunteers with the Trauma Intervention Program of Merrimack Valley and Project Home Again, finding joy in alleviating others' stress. Her hobbies include golfing, pickleball, and exercising.

Kirsten McMahon
Project & Operations Support Manager

Kirsten has worked in hospitality and corporate relations for over a decade. Her passion for senior care was sparked by her grandmother's move to assisted living, and the seven years she lived with Kirsten's family. A proud Quinnipiac University grad, she cherishes time with family and friends, adores her nephews, and is always game for trivia, especially if music or song lyrics are involved.

Sophia Milano
Office Coordinator

Sophia, a seasoned professional, merges organizational prowess with a psychology background. Graduating cum laude with a Bachelor’s in Psychology from UMass Lowell, she grasps human behavior and team dynamics. Her expertise complements Dovetail's mission, fueling her enthusiasm to bolster team success and support initiatives. Beyond work, Sophia cherishes time with loved ones, enriching her life with diverse experiences and perspectives.

Barbara Lenihan
Transition Coordinator

Barbara has been a registered nurse for over 40 years, specializing in assisting seniors with life transitions such as moving to assisted living, in-home care, and hospice. Her expertise in caregiving is crucial at Dovetail. She ensures smooth relocations, always aiming to maintain clients' control throughout the process. She lives in North Andover, MA with her husband Mike and enjoys hiking, traveling, and time with her three children and grandchildren.

Michelle McNall
Real Estate Advisor

Michelle is a dedicated Realtor® with five years of success in the Massachusetts and New Hampshire real estate markets. A top-producing agent with Berkshire Hathaway Commonwealth and Robert Paul Properties, she combines deep industry knowledge with a background in elder care to help clients navigate complex real estate transitions. Partner with Michelle and the Dovetail Companies team for a smooth transition into the life you deserve.

Kerry Mercurio
Project Manager

Kerry first came to Dovetail as a client for her father, who was transitioning from one assisted living facility to another. Her experience was so positive and rewarding that she now joins us as a team member. Having dedicated years to working with older adults in a caregiving capacity, she is excited to bring that passion with her into this role. 

Stephanie Moore
Project Manager

As a Professional Organizer, Stephanie is passionate about helping clients make the most of their living space to maximize comfort and utility. With her person-centred approach and clear and open communication, combined with her extensive administrative and organizational experience, Stephanie follows the client's lead to ensure projects are completed as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Wendy Bundziniki
Project Manager

Wendy has thrived as a customer care leader and project manager. She seeks to join an organization like Dovetail that values meaningful impact and quality service. Outside work, Wendy enjoys outdoor activities, travel, and spending quality time with family and friends, especially experiencing the world anew through her grandchildren's eyes.

Sarita Broccoli
Senior Move Assistant

Sarita transitioned from engineering to pursue her passion for aiding others. With personal experience in downsizing her mother's home and assisting her adult children with moves, she found fulfillment in helping people organize and transition. Joining Dovetail after discovering their commitment to personalized services, she resides in Andover with her husband, enjoying various hobbies in her spare time.

Michele Kane
Senior Move Assistant 

Michele, initially trained in graphic design, sought a career shift after raising a family and caring for elderly relatives. Recognizing her desire to assist older adults with life transitions, she joined Dovetail after starting in move management with a different company. Michele's spare time is filled with yoga, Reiki, gardening, art, photography, and sailing.

Laurie McGovern
Senior Move Assistant

Laurie spent over two decades at Fallon Health in Worcester, excelling in various financial roles. Her perspective shifted in January 2020 when her parents moved to assisted living in Marlboro, MA. She took early retirement and relocated closer to her parents. Laurie joined Dovetail Companies, eager to assist others and help expand into Central Massachusetts.


Laura Parsons
Senior Move Assistant

After a career in supply chain and digital marketing, Laura left her job to care for her aging parents. A long-time resident of the south shore, Laura sought part-time work that made a difference. Encouraged by a friend, she applied to Dovetail Companies. Now, as a move assistant, she is thrilled to contribute to a company dedicated to helping families manage life transitions.

Angela Picazio
Senior Move Assistant

Angela, a graduate with a Master of Business in Hospitality, has over 11 years of client service experience, including two years as a project manager in the move management industry. Passionate about enhancing people's lives and providing joy, she finds immense satisfaction in the successful completion of a move. Angela loves witnessing clients' reactions when they see what seemed impossible come to fruition.

Janis Abramovitz
Move Assistant

Janis brings valuable experience to Dovetail, having volunteered with seniors and navigated her father's care needs. Thriving previously as a Sales Executive in the tech sector, she honed skills like attention to detail and rapid rapport-building. Now in the Metro-west area, Janis enjoys New England's trails and beaches, with frequent visits to Boulder, Colorado, where her daughters reside.

Dawn Baribeau
Move Assistant

Dawn dedicated 38 years to law enforcement as a Probation Officer before finding a fulfilling chapter with Dovetail during retirement. Reflects, "Working for Dovetail has been heartwarming." It gives her the opportunity to help others transition, which has been incredibly rewarding. Proud to be part of such a wonderful, caring, and talented team.

Rosanne Bourgeois
Move Assistant

Rosanne's firsthand experience with moving her parents informed her career transition. Having spent years as a software developer, she excelled in problem-solving and support. Upon retiring, Rosanne found fulfillment at Dovetail, combining technical skills with personal experiences to assist others during transitions.

Amy Brandes
Move Assistant

Amy joins Dovetail Companies from another senior move management firm. Retiring to the South Shore, she continues her passion for aiding the elder population. Amy finds fulfillment in witnessing clients' relief and gratitude upon settling into their new homes. She and her husband, John, reside in Plymouth, embracing beach life, golf, and tennis. Their daughter resides in Quincy.

Denise Erwin
Move Assistant 

After Denise moved her father into a Cape Cod community and saw Dovetail's support, she felt compelled to join their team. Previously, Denise spent 13 years at Blue Cross Blue Shield before raising her children and later working as an administrative assistant. Now living on Boston's south shore, Denise enjoys outdoor activities and embraces life with energy.

Peter Monson
Move Assistant

Peter's interest in Dovetail was sparked by witnessing their efficient handling of his family's relocation, inspiring him to join the team after retiring as a CFO/Controller. Motivated by meaningful work, he sought a role aligned with a mission-driven organization focused on community. Now, Peter aims to contribute positively to the aging population, aligning perfectly with Dovetail's mission.

Laurie Petro
Move Assistant

Laurie devoted herself to family life as a stay-at-home mom, adeptly coordinating her daughters' schedules and actively volunteering. Now, leveraging her insights into family dynamics, she assists others in challenging transitions, including moves to Memory Care facilities. With empathy and positivity, Laurie finds solace by the beach in New Hampshire, accompanied by her husband and beloved cat, Barney.

John Schoenthaler
Move Assistant

John's diverse career journey began in New Jersey as a newspaper delivery boy, followed by roles in retail and corporate customer service. He spent 15 years as a devoted stay-at-home dad, balancing his love for sports with coaching and refereeing. Inspired by managing his parents' care transitions, he now advocates for families with Dovetail Companies.

Sue Sweeney
Move Assistant

Sue, from Tewksbury, MA, is married with a teenage son, an accountant for 20 years, focusing on the medical device industry. In fall 2021, she faced the daunting task of clearing out her parents' home of 47 years. The overwhelming process led her to Dovetail, where their services proved invaluable. Recognizing her organizational skills and the relief Dovetail provided, Sue was inspired to join them.

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