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Dovetail’s staff were all very caring: They took exceptional care to place things as close as possible to where they had been in the old apartment, and it looks great! Lisa even made a special trip in her own car with a cooler, to drive the food items directly from the refrigerator in the old apartment to the new apartment so they would stay cold.  
When the staff of an entire organization has that type of concern, it comes from the top. Erin, as their director, I credit you for creating such a great, customer-focused organization!”  
– Ken Client
“You did an absolutely masterful job in getting us through the home selling process. A very eccentric client who needed constant reassurance, a family of stubborn house guests, a profoundly cluttered house, the unexpected death of the client, and an international health crisis – these factors were all unable to stop you! Every step of the way was handled with professionalism, thoroughness, and an unwavering positive attitude. We enthusiastically recommend your services.” 
– J. Mahony Client
Thank you both for all your help and support throughout this entire process! I really appreciate it and it is a huge relief knowing everyone is now settled and the home has been sold to a nice family. Couldn’t have done it without you.”
– Jon L. Client
“Angela is amazing and the other Dovetail people as well!  I walked in and they had everything in place and bookcases filled with my many items, just the way I would do it.  Then they worked with me to find the best locations for art and other items to be put up on the walls and hung them.  Great job!”
– Kal | Client
 “I wanted to personally thank you and your support staff for all the work that was done on behalf of my mom in getting her house cleaned out and ready to sell. You and your team should be recognized for a job well done. This process has not only proven difficult, but extremely overwhelming. You have made our lives easier at a time when I genuinely believed selling this house and getting mom situated in a better place would be a dream unfulfilled. Thank you again for being the people you are, everyone can learn something from you. I've always been there for others as they have been there for me but going through this process has taught me to give more of my time to help those in need and will do so going forward.
 – Joe B. Client
“Thank you, your staff, and associates for guiding me through the process of moving my sister. Your acceptance of the challenge eased my mind and let me tend to other immediate needs. The fact that it was accomplished long distance was truly professional.
E. Kearney | Client
Dovetail Services has been a wonderful and unique service to so many of my clients.  Erin and Lauren come in and get it done with amazing efficiency and perfect results, each time. Clients find that the combination of their services in conjunction with care management for the senior makes for a seamless transition for all affected by this life transition.  
– Betsy Ross | Professional
“I would highly recommend working with Erin DiCarlo if you need to sell your home and move.  She is reliable, resourceful, and most of all compassionate.  Selling your home and moving can be overwhelming, and Erin is with you every step of the way!”  
– Amy Roberts | Professional (Moving)
I have worked with Erin and Lauren on several matters over the last few years, and a few of them were extremely difficult. Throughout the entire process, Erin and Lauren were not only professional, but they went above and beyond what was expected of them, they held our client’s hands through each step. When the work was completed, they still checked in with our clients to make sure they were doing well. My clients always have positive feedback about working with Dovetail, as do I.  
There are very few professionals I would recommend without hesitation, and Erin and Lauren fall into that category.  They are knowledgeable, kind, and relentless: They are the type of people I want in my corner. Of all the accolades I can shower them with, perhaps the most important is this: I would recommend them to my own parents.”
– Michael S. | Professional (Elder Law)
I have had the pleasure of working with this company twice in the matter of a year and a half. I praise these women for what they do; they make things flow. I would highly recommend this company. Love you girls!” 
– Andrea P. | Client
Thank you so much for all the incredible work you did for me and my dad. You are a real gift! Your kindness, sensitivity, and care made this transition easier for all of us.”  
Y. Gobis | Client
We feel like we hit the jackpot when we found Dovetail. We are so appreciative of what you have done!” 
– Marie Client
“Lauren, thank you for all your demanding work with the cleaning out and looking after the sale of my mothers condo. You have made the process incredibly easy, especially given the circumstances with her not living there. My brother and I are truly grateful. 
– Sue Peterson | Client
A 5 Star Review for Dovetail!!!We recently moved to The Baldwin in Londonderry, NH.  Dovetail was our Godsend!  They came and explained all they could do for us to make our move go smoothly.  They started by arranging for the sale of our house, which involved right sizing (getting rid of things we didn’t need), preparing for an open house (suggesting what needed to be put away), and selling the house which took place over one weekend, thanks to the orchestration of Ali Chenell of Suzanne & Company/Compass.  Next, they prepared us for our move by continuing to down size and removing those items from the house we didn’t need, identifying the things we wanted moved to our son in Ohio, and identifying the items to be taken as donations to Savers.  The movers even removed the items for our son from our house and stored them elsewhere (without charge), until they had an additional move to Ohio to fill the truck.  Jennifer Giordano & co-workers  of Washington Trust made arrangements for a Bridge Loan in case we needed it, so that nothing would prevent us from a successful move.  (Note:  We did not need the loan because the Closings went perfectly; and was charged nothing for the Washington Trust’s financial work!)  The final step was to prepare our things to be moved to The Baldwin.  A team of four workers (Stephanie, Michele, Peter & Roseanne) came to box all the stuff from cabinets and closets, and pictures, mirrors, and clocks.  Everything was carefully wrapped and packaged. The next day the truck was loaded and the third day the contents were delivered to our new dwelling!  We arrived after lunch to find everything unpacked and in all the appropriate places!  I was amazed at the arrangement of the kitchen cabinets; Roseanne had items placed where I would have put them myself!  Clothes in the closets were grouped by Peter in appropriate manner.  Stephanie & Michele made sure furniture was placed according to the floor plan they had helped me design, and everything fit in perfectly!  During the process, Clare Wishart, my move manager, kept me informed of what was happening and when!  Sydney Gillis worked on my floor plan showing me that everything would fit in nicely ……… and it did!  And when we arrived at our apartment a beautiful bouquet of flowers from the Dovetail Team welcomed us to our new home!!!  Dovetail gets a 5 Star rating from us!!!  They coordinated all the pieces of moving and guided us every step of the way……. Thank you so very much Dovetail!!!
Jack & Marlene Smith | Client

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“Our family was fortunate to get paired with Dovetail and specifically, their Founder and President, Erin DiCarlo. Our elderly parents had reached a point where they were no longer able to effectively live in their home due to declining physical and mental abilities. All four children lived out of the area, and while we had the best of intentions of ensuring the best quality of life for our parents, being remote made this particularly challenging.  
Having Dovetail involved in our parents' transition to assisted living and a much better quality of life was a godsend. Dovetail facilitated the move of my parents and their belongings to assisted living, coordinated the home repairs to prepare my parent's home for sale, and oversaw the sale of the home as well. Throughout the entire process, in addition to all the actions being taken to facilitate our parents' transition to assisted living, Erin and her team answered a myriad of questions from all sides.
Erin and her company were extremely easy to work with, displayed the
 utmost professionalism, and exhibited enormous empathy for my parents, which provided the adult children with greater peace of mind. Much gratitude.”
– Kevin | Client
“I understand everything went smoothly with the closing, and we just wanted to thank you and everyone at Dovetail again. We know this was a challenging transition for my mother, but we greatly appreciate your patience and perseverance to get her to the finish line. I'm sure you're on to many other projects, but I hope you get to pause and know you made a huge difference in her life, and simplified things in ways that otherwise would not have been possible. 
– Rich | Client
“I wanted to follow up and add that you showed thoughtfulness and care for us, the process, and our parents’ belongings that I just do not think we would have had with anyone else. You have a gift for working with people and making them feel comfortable at a time that is difficult and emotional, to say the least. You made an overwhelming task not only surmountable but enjoyable at times. Best of luck, Dovetail is so lucky to have you.” 
– Client
“I would like to say thank you for all your challenging work with Lorayne. I had a lengthy conversation with her the other day, and I wish you could have heard it; she gushed about how wonderful you all were. You folks were not only super hard-working but handled her with great care and I just wanted to pass along our appreciation!”  
– Phil | Professional (Real Estate Broker)
I have had the pleasure of working with Susan Weinstein and the rest of the team at Dovetail team several times over the past few years.  Occasionally, you bump into companies that just do things the right way and are always a pleasure to work with, Dovetail is one of those companies. They offer a unique skill set and passion for what they do, which really shows in their work. They provide a wonderful service to their clients, and I am proud to be able to continue to do business with Dovetail, and their clients. I have been in this business for 20 years and I do not say this lightly. Dovetail is truly the best in the business, and they really do go out of their way to help people because they care!”  
 Aaron K. | Professional
“Erin and Lauren, you and your team are amazing. The help and support you have provided to our residents transitioning from their own homes to our Senior Living Communities is incredible and has allowed residents and families alike to make this move in the most organized and calm manner. We have heard rave reviews about your team, and we concur.  
Thank you and your team for your professionalism, care, respect, and compassion. It is well needed by all when making this big move and your team provides it all to excess.” 
– Pamela M. | Client
“I wanted to tell you how grateful I am to have worked with Dovetail Companies. I met Joe Scott and Kirsten McMahon a couple of days back and was extremely impressed with them both. What they noticed about my "treasures" and the kinds of service they offer those of us in this otherwise daunting stage of our lives. It was very comforting to make the connection, and to know that they are sufficiently familiar with The Cambridge Homes to make some useful suggestions from the start. Working with Dovetail feels as though a weight (a very heavy one!) has been taken off my shoulders and I am incredibly grateful for that.” 
– Philippa Client 
We had a wonderful experience with Juli and the rest of the Dovetail team as they helped support my dad with his transition to senior living from his house of 40+ years. As an only child who lives out of state, it was so wonderful knowing my dad had the help and support he needed from a caring team of people who are experts at what they do. When I was in town to help, Juli made sure I was included and filled in on everything. She also helped keep me up to date when I was not around which was reassuring and appreciated. The whole team was extremely professional and organized and every interaction I had with them was great. Lisa did a wonderful job helping my dad pack and get organized along with rest of her team. The house was a big undertaking with decades of clutter across 3 floors. No easy task and made even more difficult by my dad having a hard time letting go of things. They tackled it little by little and made sure my dad was comfortable with the pace of purging and packing. This was a really big transition for my dad and something he could not have managed on his own. Dovetail truly helped every step of the way and made a difficult life change that much easier. They supported my dad not only with the logistics of selling his house, packing, and moving, but also with the emotions that go with such a big change. We would recommend them to anyone! 
– Stacy T. | Client
“I loved working with the Dovetail team. They were so efficient with organizing, packing and decorating my new apartment. They measured everything to the last detail to make sure it would fit well into my space. They are very detail oriented
and they helped me to take some of my leftover furniture that I could not fit into my new apartment and brought it to several excellent consignment stores. 
I would highly recommend them to anyone that would be interested in using a quality company for your move. You will not be disappointed."
– Ronna G. | Client 
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