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"Despite numerous challenges (a cluttered home, unexpected death, and a global pandemic), you handled the home-selling process masterfully and professionally. We enthusiastically recommend your services for your thoroughness and consistently positive attitude!"

– John M. | Client

"Thank you for your invaluable help and support; it's a relief to have everyone settled and the home sold to a nice family. We couldn't have done it without you!"

– Jon L. | Client

"Dovetail's assistance made my transition seamless, especially crucial after my recent hospitalization. With your help, I made the right decision at the perfect time!"

– Paul W. | Client

"I've worked with this company twice in the past year and a half and highly praise their ability to make things flow smoothly. Highly recommended—love my Dovetail family!"

– Andrea P. | Client

"Thank you and your team for guiding the process of moving my sister, easing my mind to address other needs, and handling it long distance with true professionalism."

– Ed K. | Client

"Thanks to the Dovetail team for the hard work in clearing out and preparing my mom's house for sale, making a difficult and overwhelming process easier. Your dedication and professionalism have inspired me to give more time to help others in need."

– Joe B. | Client

"Dovetail, led by Erin and Lauren, consistently delivers perfect results with amazing efficiency, enhancing care management for seniors and ensuring a seamless transition for all involved!"

– Betsy R. | Professional

"I highly recommend Dovetail Companies for selling your home and moving; she is reliable, resourceful, and compassionate, supporting you every step of the way!"

– Amy R. | Professional

"I've worked with Dovetail on several challenging matters, and they've consistently been professional, going above and beyond in their support. I recommend them without hesitation for their knowledge, kindness, and dedication—they're exactly who I'd want in my corner, even for my own parents."

– Mike S. | Professional

"Thank you for the incredible work you did for my dad and me; your kindness, sensitivity, and care truly eased our transition. You are a gift!"

– Yvonne G. | Client

"They showed exceptional care by meticulously arranging items in the new apartment and even transporting food to keep it cold. Dovetail's consistent care reflects the customer-focused culture Erin has cultivated."

Ken M. | Client

"Thank you for your diligent work in clearing out and managing the sale of the condo, making the process incredibly easy despite the challenging circumstances. We are truly grateful!"

– Sue P. | Client

"We hit the jackpot finding Dovetail and are so appreciative of your work!"

– Marie | Client

"I am forever grateful for your caring and attention; you truly are an angel. Hiring Dovetail was the best decision I've ever made—I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!"

– Linda | Client

"Our family was fortunate to work with this company as our parents transitioned to assisted living. The Dovetail team managed the move, home repairs, and sale, answering our myriad questions throughout and providing peace of mind with their professionalism and empathy. Much gratitude!"

– Kevin H. | Client

"I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your dedicated efforts with my client. It was clear how much she appreciated your exceptional work. She was full of praise for your team, highlighting your hard work and the thoughtful care you provided. I'm grateful for your kindness, professionalism, and everything you've done!"

– Phil | Professional

"I've worked with Dovetail Companies on tough cases for years. They were always professional and provided exceptional support to our clients every step of the way. Their dedication and expertise make them my top recommendation!"

– Michael S. | Professional

"I've worked with Dovetail multiple times over the years. They're one of those rare companies that consistently excel in what they do, offering a unique skill set and genuine passion. Their dedication to clients sets them apart as the best in the business!"

Aaron K. | Professional

"Working with Dovetail has been a tremendous relief! Their team impressed me with their insights and services, easing the daunting task of transitioning in life stages. Their familiarity with our community and thoughtful suggestions have been invaluable."

Philippa | Client

"I'm so grateful for Dovetail's service. Coming home to find everything in place, especially a bed, was immensely satisfying. The team truly went above and beyond, earning a perfect 10 out of 10 from me!"

Olive | Client

"I want to express my sincere thanks to you and your team once more. Right from the start, everyone was incredibly responsive, helpful, accommodating, and a pleasure to collaborate with. Your professionalism and kindness throughout the process were truly appreciated!"

Diane | Client

"Erin and Lauren, your team's support for our residents transitioning to Senior Living Communities is incredible. You've helped make this move organized and calm, receiving rave reviews from residents and families alike. Thank you for your professionalism, care, respect, and compassion, which are essential during this big transition."

– Pamela M. | Professional

"I wanted to share just how smooth my move went thanks to Dovetail. The team was incredibly helpful with packing and arranging furniture, making the transition seamless. Their thoughtful suggestions, especially for the kitchen setup, were greatly appreciated. It was a fantastic experience!"

– Linda S. | Client

"When I reached out to Dovetail Companies for help moving my mother into Assisted Living, I was overwhelmed and emotionally exhausted. Despite my doubts, The Dovetail team exceeded my expectations. They efficiently organized, packed, and unpacked, creating a seamless transition that made my mom feel at home. Their warmth, professionalism, and support were invaluable—I highly recommend them!"

– Jennifer W. | Client

"We wanted to extend our gratitude to everyone at Dovetail for ensuring a smooth closing. Despite the challenges, your patience and perseverance made a significant difference in my mother's life. Your efforts simplified things in ways we couldn't have achieved alone. Thank you!"

– Rich G. | Client

"I had a fantastic experience with the Dovetail team. Their efficiency in organizing, packing, and decorating my new apartment was impressive. They paid close attention to detail, ensuring everything fit perfectly. Plus, they helped me find new homes for furniture I couldn't take with me. I highly recommend them for a quality move—you won't be disappointed!"

– Ronna G.| Client

"Dovetail was our savior for our move to The Baldwin in Londonderry, NH, explaining all they could do to ensure a smooth transition. From selling our house to carefully packing and arranging our belongings, their team meticulously handled every step. We're immensely grateful for their coordination and guidance throughout the process—thank you, Dovetail!"

– Jack & Marlene S.| Client

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